Games I want to make

Games I want to make

17 May 2014

Once in a while, I come up with an idea that seems pretty decent and think "I want to make that!". I also have a fear that I will forget these before I get round to actually doing them. So, without further ado, here's a list of the games I want to make:

A busking game.

You start off as a man on the streets who has to beg for money as people pass you by. Gradually, as you get money, you can afford things like plastic pots and sticks, and you start drumming. A guitar, and you start playing. Practicing makes you better. Buying nice clothes makes people more likely to give money, but does cost money in the process. Events like an economic crisis can make people less likely to give money, and things like festivals make people more likely to give money. Eventually, there would be a world leaderboard that you could get onto with all the crazy things you buy, and people could see what you do.

An expansion of Descent

Descent was the odd little thing I made for Ludum Dare 29 (you can play it over on the Games page, if you're interested) I'd like to shift all the difficulties - easy should actually be easier - perhaps snappy turning rather than the curvy mechanic in place now. Normal should be the current easy, hard the current normal, and insane the current normal, but with one life. I'd also like to add a feeling of progression - currently, there's no way to complete the one included level, so perhaps going deeper into the cave system could add another level of depth, and unlocking new levels. Of course, I could just expand upon the current one, but people already give up without moving one or two rooms. Finally, I'd like to juice up the graphics and audio a bit more. I wasn't keen on the music I came up with, even though people who played it seemed to enjoy it. The graphics really weren't anything special, either.

An RPG of steampunkery

I'm working on a classic RPG called Harmonic Moon right now, but I'd like to make something with things like airships and complex mechanics that have to be fixed. Of course, there's nothing stopping me from including these things in Harmonic Moon, but I'd like to make a game focused around them

An abstract music/puzzle game

This is something I've had in my head for a while. As music progresses, you press various combinations of keys and tiles flap out in different directions. Levels progress in difficulty, from triangles, to squares, to pentagons, to hexagons. A diificult concept to explain, and I think I won't fully understand how I want it to work till I've tried it.

Finish off Harmonic Moon

This is my current project. It feels like it's growing pretty big, and there's a fair amount of interest in it from friends. If I can make something out of this, I might be able to get a proper artist to redo some of the graphics, or a musician to improve on the music.

So, that's a brief overview of stuff I want to do at some point. I look forward to creating these!

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