Introducing Project Amethyst

Introducing Project Amethyst

21 Dec 2014

Alright, so this is my first post about this.

I've posted a few on Enjin, but I felt it might be a good idea to start posting stuff here instead.

Anyway, Project Amethyst (working title) is my attempt at making a standalone platform specifically designed for roleplay.

Servers get pretty much full customisation over what goes on in the world, how it looks, how players interact with each other, etc.

So far, I've done:

I'm hoping this will become the go-to choice for roleplay communities - it should be expandable enough to allow for whatever environment you want. Once I have something I'm relatively happy with, I'll release some initial builds so that I can get some feedback from you as to what you want to see.

Here's a quick gif of the client in action so far (this won't be the default art for too long, just waiting on artists, so we'll have to make do with placeholders for now.):

amethyst preview

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